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Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering

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The traditional classification of electrotechnology was the heavy current engineering, which today finds itself in the energy and propulsion technology, which, again, transformed into communications technology. Later, fields like electrical measurement technique and automation technology as well as electronics were added.


Energy Technology

The electrical energy technology (formerly heavy current engineering) focuses on the retrieval, transfer and transformation of electric energy, as well as on high voltage technology. In most cases, electric energy is retrieved by transforming mechanical rotation energy by means of generators. Additionally, consumers' energy and propulsion technology belong to the field of classic heavy current engineering. The topic of electric installations, as can be found in in households and industy in many ways, belong to the field of electric energy transfer in the low voltage technology.

Propulsion Technology

Propulsion technology, formerly regarded as "heavy current engineering", too, converts electrical energy to mechnical energy by means of electric machines. Classic electric machines are synchronous, asynchronous and D.C. machines. But there are many more types existing in the field of small engines. More recent is the development of linear induction motors, which convert electric energy directly to mechanical-linear motion, without the "detour" of rotation. Propulsion technology plays a large role in automation technology, because here a variety of motions has to be put in practice by electric impulse. Again, electronics play a large role in propulsion technology, on the one hand for the control and management of propulsion, on the other hand propulsions are supplied with electric energy by means of power electronics. Moreover, the area of load peak reduction and energy optimization has tremendously advanced in recent years.

Communication Technology

By means of communication technology, aka informations and communications technology (formerly low current engineering), signals are transferred via electromagnetic waves as their information carrier from an information source (the sender) to one or more receivers. It is crucial to transfer information without substantial loss, so it can be recognized by the receiver (see also high frequency technology, amateur radio). One major aspect of communications technology is the processing of signals, for example by filtering, encoding and decoding.

Automation Technology

In the field of automation technology single design steps are automated respectively monitored by means of methods of the process measuring and control technology (in German summarized as MSR). Today, the process measuring and control technolgy is normally supported by digital technology. One of the core areas of automation technology is control engineering. Controls are contained in various technical systems. Examples are controls of industrial robots, autopilots in aviation and ships, speed controls in motors, stability controls in cars, storage of missiles and process controls in chemical plants.

Automation Technology


Electronics focus on development, manufacturing and use of electronic elements, for example coils, semiconductor elements such as diodes and transistors. Microelectronics is more concerned with the development and manufacturing of integrated circuits. The development of power semiconductors (power electronics) plays an increasing role in propulsion technology, since frequency converters can provide electric energy more flexibly than transformators.

Digital technology can be assigned to electronics since the classic logic circuit consists of transformators. On the other hand, digital technology is the basis of many controls and, thus, crucial for automation technology. The theory may be assigned to theoretical electro engineering.

[see, translation of article "Elektrotechnik"]

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